At Chardon Oil, we take care of all your home heating oil needs.
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Supplying Heating Oil in Willoughby Ohio

Keeping your indoors, warm and comfortable in the ice-kissed cold of Ohio.

Ice cold, sedentary and covered with snow—dear locals and travelers, this is the winters of our beloved Ohio. With the thermometer levels ice-locked to their core, sipping hot beverages and seeking shelter in warming blankets are two activities that characterize the winter routines of every Ohioan. As for maintaining comfortable thermal levels inside the house,  homeowners rely on oil heating systems to help them get through the snowy season.

Supplying heating oil in Willoughby Ohio, along with fuel tanks and accessories—we make sure that we are there to fuel the warmth of your homes in every barren winter.

At Chardon Oil, you can find everything you need to keep your indoors warm and comfortable.

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Fueling the Warmth For Willoughby Ohio

We stock three types of residential heating oil products at our Willoughby Ohio:

#2 Heating Oil
It is the standard fuel, used in most of the domestic oil heating systems. A distillate of the crude oil, our  #2 heating oil conforms to ASTM standard D396. It offers more BTUs in comparison to kerosene and is a cheaper option per gallon for your space heating and water heating needs.

K-1 Kerosene
K-1 kerosene has low sulfur content, being the cleanest heating fuel that we stock, here – at Chardon Oil. Extracted through a high grade refinement process, K-1 kerosene exhibits improved stability when exposed to external elements, thus, offering convenience of storage. It produces lower BTUs than high carbon residue #2 heating oil. However, it is more efficient and cleaner in comparison.

Dyed Kerosene
Dyed kerosene or K-2 kerosene is an impure form of K-1 kerosene, offering a cheaper alternative to homeowners for their domestic heating needs. It is recommended to use dyed kerosene in heating systems that have an external flue, to allow convenient ventilation of the resulting exhaust.

Our Automatic Fill Option 
With the convenience of the Chardon Oil Company automated fuel delivery system, you never have to check your tank or place an order for fuel.  Your tank is automatically refilled, so you have a dependable supply of top-quality Chardon Oil home heating oil fuel on hand at all times. Heating oil customers have the option of automatic fill, which is a free service we offer, along with budget payments, and net 30 day credit (upon approve credit).

Something for the Seniors!

Chardon Oil Company Inc. offers seniors a discount on all our services and products. Call today, for heating oil delivery service at discounted rates.

Improving the Performance and Storage of Heating Oil

At Chardon Oil Company, we also stock fuel additives to help improve the performance and storage of heating oil that you use in your domestic systems. These fuel additives:

  • Prevent your heating oil from gelling or freezing in the storage tank
  • Prevent buildup of sludge
  • Protect your fuel lines from getting clogged
  • Prolong the life of your fuel storage tank
  • Remove impurities from the heating oil, leading to improved combustion efficiency

We Also Help You to Store Your Product Safely

Chardon Oil Company Inc. stocks storage tank solutions, available in reinforced and reliable plastic or steel frame, to ensure long term safe storage of heating oil products. Our roster of heating oil tanks include:
• Indoor fuel oil tanks
• Outdoor fuel oil tanks

Filters and Accessories—We Stock it All!

And that’s not all. Aside from supplying heating oil in Willoughby Ohio, together with fuel tanks, we also sell oil tank accessories, fittings and filters. We’re your complete one-stop shop for all your domestic heating needs.

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